Checking Garth Brooks off my Bucket List

It’s been 5 days since the Garth Brooks concert and I am still reliving it in my head! It was awesome. More than awesome, it was epic. No more than epic, it was crossing something off my bucket list!

When I was young, I was a HUGE Garth Brooks fan. He is probably one of the first artists that I can remember really getting into after NKOTB. 

I grew up on country music, it’s mainly what my family listened to, and I remember packing the 4 of us in the front of my Dad’s half ton truck, heading up to Calabogie, singing and listening to Garth, Randy Travis or Dwight Yoakam on the cassette player, all squished. 

I remember getting a “karaoke” machine aka really just a large cassette player/speaker that had two cassette players (which made it so easy for making home made tapes or recording songs off the radio!) and a microphone jack and mixers for your voice, it was long before video karaoke machines. I digress, I had my karaoke machine, and would put in Garth Brooks or Reba or John Michael Montgomery and singggggg my heart out. Putting on performances for thousands, all from my second floor bedroom. 

Music has always been a big part of my life – a song can bring back so many memories, good and bad. Music helps when I am sad, happy or needing to cry. Music has always been there for me and more often than not, I’ll be singing something while at home with the kids, or by myself.

While I love all types of music for the most part, country is at the root of it, and Garth Brooks music was a big part of that.

The picture below must be from Christmas 1991 or 1992 – that’s me in the background…surrounded by presents but ecstatic about getting the then, new Garth Brooks album…a cassette tape, Ropin’ the Wind and holding it in front of my face while my little brother is still opening gifts.


So while I still appreciated Garth Brooks music now, it was often played as a throwback since he didn’t have a lot of new music out as of late. When it was announced though that Garth would be going back out on tour, I so badly wanted to go! Last year (2015) I tried to plan a trip to Buffalo to see him, as it would be the closest he was coming to here in Ontario, but it didn’t pan out. 

Then earlier in February it was announced that he would be coming to Hamilton Ontario….I was soooo going, yes! But low and behold, shortly after, it was announced that he was coming to OTTAWA!! Heck yes, come hell or high water I was going to be there even though it was already on a weekend that my daughter’s first dance competition of the year was scheduled on. I. Was. Going!

We had a heck of a time getting tickets, which I know I wasn’t alone in, but thanks to my step-sister, we had tickets lined up and I. Was. Going!!!!! It was such an exciting Friday, I couldn’t focus on anything else that day, soooo excited! 

The concert came quickly, and as last week was going by, I was getting more and more excited. The concert did not dissapoint. At all. It was one of the best concerts that I have been to see. We (my brother, sister in law & friend) were standing/dancing, hootin’ & hollering and singing our hearts out for pretty much the entire thing. I don’t know that I have ever been to a concert where you could feel the excitement in the air!


Some of the song I hadn’t heard in a very long time, but I knew every word. They brought me back. Back to singing in my bedroom, back to hopes of being a singer myself when “I grew up,” back to memories of my Mom, being a kid and back to when times were simpler. It was a concert that I didn’t want to end, and boy, Garth left it all out on the stage. If nothing else, he is a born performer and genuinely seemed appreciative that we were all there, singing along word for word. It was amazing. 

So days later, still singing Unanswered Prayers and What She’s Doing Now among others, I can officially check this off my bucket list! √


If you were a fan of Garth Brooks even a little bit, go if you get a chance. I’d go again in a heartbeat! ♥