Christmas Shopping Complete Without Leaving the House!

It is officially less than one month till CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

Just in case you didn’t know! ; )

I love Christmas, I do. But this year I wasn’t feeling it as much as I had been in past years. Likely because my days are so much busier, and I had other things preoccupying my time.

The past couple years I have been done my shopping about mid November. I even wrote last year my tips for staying ahead and getting things done early. This year however, I had the feeling that I would totally be stressing last minute that I was not done shopping and be out in the stores wanting to pull my hair out in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I managed to get out to the big toy sale in Ottawa back at the beginning of November with Erin and grabbed a few gifts then, but that was about it. Then a couple of weeks ago, I heard of a sale on Thomas the Train online and I got hooked. In a matter of about 4 days, I had pretty much bought all my Christmas gifts from the comfort of my home.


I have bought online in the past, but it was always a few hard to find items. This year however, I would say that I did about 75% of my shopping online.

Here is why I loved it:

  • Often have sales online that they don’t in store
  • Same or better selection online as in store
  • Most stores offer free shipping or free over a certain amount, so doesn’t cost anymore to have it shipped right to my house
  • Was able to shop in the late hours of the day, when stores are closed but I finally had time to look by myself
  • Being busy working during the days now, it only allows me to shop on the weekends, so it freed up that time
  • Didn’t over buy – when I am in store, I tend to ALWAYS buy more than I went in for, so this allowed me to buy what I wanted and not over spend
  • Ease of comparing prices from different stores quickly
  • I live about 45 minutes or more to most shopping malls or stores, so this allowed me not to have to drive around to shop

In a matter of a few days, I had the bulk of my shopping done. The only thing I had to buy was a few stocking stuffers which I was able to do quickly and am so excited to say that unlike my predictions of being behind in my shopping, I am DONE!

I finished my shopping November 23rd and it feels awesome! I know that if I hadn’t shopped online, I wouldn’t be saying that! Also, knowing that I am done has me excited for Christmas again!

The stores that I have shopped online with and know and trust are:

  • Lee Valley
  • Childrens Place
  • Old Navy

How about you? Do you like to shop online? Why or why not?