Facing My Fears & Embracing Skiing

If you had told me a year ago that I would be skiing, I would have laughed in your face! If you had told me that not only would I have skied, but I would own all my own equipment, I would have probably peed my pants laughing!

But alas, here we are, and all of the above is true. 

I recall in grade 8 having to go skiing at Calabogie Peaks with school and not being so much a fan of it. I never made it off the t-bar bunny hill and that was that. I never had any interest in it from there on out. 

Then in the fall of 2015 my daughter, then 8, began asking to go skiing. I finally gave in, and put her in a lesson at Calabogie Peaks (you can read about that here) and she took right to it. I remember felling like maybe, just maybe, I would give it a go again. But didn’t. 

Ava took right to it, asking for skis for this past Christmas. Santa delivered, and on January 1st she hit the slopes and it seems that we’ve been at the ski hill every weekend since!

My son took a private lesson a couple of weekends into January and got hooked too, so we picked him up some skis.

I then had this vision that we should all ski.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to all be out skiing, going away on a weekend in the winter to ski!? Hmmm… 

Shortly after, on Saturday afternoon I decided to rent some skis, faced my fear and thanks to the help of a friend, didn’t kill myself in the process, although I did take a pylon for a tour! 😉

Me and the kids prior to hitting the slopes for the first time in over 20 years!

The weekend after this my kids both started in a 5 week lesson. So my husband and I would go, not knowing if I should rent some skis or not, not knowing how long the kids would want to ski for after their lesson. But they always wanted to ski, and we would end up not renting, for not wanting to waste our money on rentals if we weren’t going to be out very long and I said, if we had our own skis, we could just go with them whenever, and not have to worry about renting. 

So that’s what we did, we went and bought skis.

Both my husband and I. Then we got season passes (for half price since the season was almost over) so that we could go whenever we wanted to. In all, it cost more than I anticipated, but at least we’ll be set for years to come! 

So last weekend we took our new purchase out and hit the slopes. The first day I lost my nerve somewhat and was wondering what the heck did I just do, spending all that money! Christ! The only good thing I felt was that I didn’t fall getting off the chair lift like I had so many times the first day, but I became very fearful of the heights, and in comparison to some of the ski hills in our area, Pakenham is a baby hill!

But the next day we went out again, and it was much better. I decided to stick to the runs that I knew and liked. And just go at my own pace. It was so much better! We closed the hill. 

My son and husband on the chairlift

But on top of the little bit of confidence that I got back, what I was feeling was pride and joy.

Pride because my kids are becoming amazing little skiers. They aren’t fearful (like their Momma!), they are confident and learning so much each week at their lessons. They are having a great time and they are enjoying spending time with their parents and friends out on the hill. I am just really proud of them for getting out there and doing it, and loving it!

I am also joyful, because while I may still be green and going a little slower, my husband put on his skis and looks like a friggin pro! Soooo I am also slightly jealous of this, ha! But I also loved seeing my son and husband weaving around the hills, spending quality time together too.

I came home Sunday just feeling really proud of my kids and my husband and myself too for keeping at it and improving slowly each time. It was really nice to be doing something, outside, as a family. Something that I NEVER thought in a million years would be something I would be doing. 

Yesterday was the kids school winter fun day and I decided, very last minute, to go along. I wasn’t sure if I would actually ski or not, but brought my stuff with me. Low and behold, I was eager to get out there because the hill was very quiet compared to during the week and I had been watching some tutorials on YouTube (yes, I am a nerd!) and wanted to try out what I had been watching. 

So with another friend who was at the hill as well, we took to the slopes. I did some runs with her, some with my daughter and her friend and even some alone. I have to say I am so happy that I decided to go. While I am a bit sore today, because I skied longer than I had before, it was a great day.

The first time I skied it was also my sons’s first time up the chairlift and down the bigger hills. He pretty much gave me heart failure each time, because it wasn’t in control of himself. He was bombing the hill. I remember yelling at him and just being so mad that he wouldn’t slow down. So yesterday while my daughter grade could ski, my son’s grade had to do an outdoor fun program of tubing, snow shoeing etc. But it was over at 2pm and then he wanted to ski. 

I told him that he had to listen to me and stick with me if he wanted to, and I wasn’t so sure he would, but I decided to give it a try and I was so amazed at what an improvement he had made in 3 short lessons! He stuck with me, lead me on trails, and it was so nice to spend that time with him. ♥

We ended up staying until about 5pm, and headed home. I felt proud of myself for pushing my comfort zone and doing a few harder (to me) trails and really practicing my speed control and turning. Which was made easier because of how few people were there during the weekday. I was also really happy about being able to spend the quality time with the kids doing something I never expected to be a part of. 

It’s funny because old Crystal would have been happy with this warmer weather that we are having and the snow starting to melt, but Crystal of 2017 is wanting the snow to last a little longer so that we can continue to get out on the hill! It feels kinda foreign! 😉 

I am really glad that I decided to face my fear (as I talked about here) and get out there and try something new, it has made the winter so much more fun and spending the time with family and friends is great too! 

We’ve been asked to go skiing at Calabogie Peaks on the March Break, and that makes me all kinds of nervous as that hill is a lot bigger, so we’ll see if I brave that next! 😉