Finding Gratitude in a Monday Morning Full of Stress

This morning I was woke up at 6:46am, 15 minutes until my alarm went off, by hearing a splat coming from the kitchen, and then an ‘uh oh’ following that. Groggily, without my glasses on, I trudge on out to the kitchen, to see by the light of the fridge, that my 3.5 year old son had knocked over a hummus container which had landed open on the floor in front of the fridge, making a huge hummus mess. He was trying to reach in the fridge to get a Yop drink out for himself.

After cleaning up the mess, shutting off my now blaring alarm, I got my daughter up and began prepping for our day. Heading outside at shortly after 8am to get Ava on the bus, I notice that there are these little black inchworm/caterpillars allll over the front of my house, attached to the shrubs, hostas, pumpkins we just picked up – they were everywhere. (I am getting itchy just thinking of it now!) So after getting Ava off, Mason and I come down, grab the hose and power spray all the things to get these darned critters off of everything. Looks like I am going to need to get some pesticide or something, it seriously grosses me out.

Go to drop my son off at daycare, to find that our daycare provider isn’t there and I had no notice of this. I get back home, feeling a headache coming on only to look on our OVM Facebook page, and at a post that I thought was going out more of a public service announcement Saturday evening about poisonous caterpillars, and to be sure your children avoid them has gotten a bunch of negative comments, one of which was calling another poster names (which I deleted). Then I check my email to see a client with tons of last minute questions and concerns,  and I knew, just knew. That this was going to be one of those days…..

So off I went, and got on the treadmill. Like I have been doing pretty much every morning for the last month and a bit. Besides the exercise, I also find it a real stress reliever. What it made me realize though today about all the little things that were making me feel like I wanted to pull my damned hair out…..I could also find gratitude in as well.

  1. My son making a mess = well I am grateful that he is an independent little man. He was trying to grab a Yop drink for himself so that he didn’t wake me up cause it was still dark out and he knew that meant it was early. Really, it wasn’t a big deal.
  2. I am grateful that I am in a position to have daycare for my son while I work from home.
  3. My headache? It was more than likely because I was coming off a two day deep cleanse over the weekend. While the headache is annoying, I am grateful to myself for sticking to my health commitments, and it is nothing that a whole lot of water woulnd’t fix.
  4. All the negative comments on the Facebook post? I am grateful that I have a community there to post to, and that it is one that everyone is allowed to have their opinion – they are not wrong, and neither am I. (However, name calling and flat out rudeness towards others will not be tolerated, and will be deleted)
  5. Demanding clients? I am grateful to have a job that I love, one where I can work from home, create my own hours and still enjoy life. Also grateful for the team I work with that makes me realize that really, stressful situations aren’t half bad when we can break them down piece by piece.
  6. The black inch worm critters? Well that….that still irks me. They ate all the leaves off my shrubs, and are moving into the area where I just placed brand new mums on the weekend. Those will need to be looked after still 😉

Sooooo my lesson here? It is really really really (did I mention really?) easy to get caught up in a whole lot of little things that can stress us out and make our day seem unbearable. Like I just want to crawl back into bed kinda days. But when I stop to look at them each, as there own thing, there are items of gratitude there too. THIS is what I/we need to focus on.

So Monday, while I am still not your biggest fan, this week is going to rock whether you help me with that or not! 😛