Holiday Baking with Gay Lea Butter!

When I was growing up, I always remember every Christmas having homemade baked goods from my Granny out at all meals – platters of cookies, squares, candies.

When my husband and I moved into our first apartment and were hosting Christmas get togethers, I started baking holiday treats too, pulling from recipes that my Mom had in her cookbooks that were now mine. That was in 2003 and the tradition continues today.

After writing out the list of what I want to make and buying all the ingredients, I tend to take a day/weekend a few weeks before Christmas to bake and freeze it all. Then I create platters to take to all our Christmas gatherings or gift to family in tins. My kids love to help when they can and my husband loves to sample all the goods! 😉

Last Saturday was my day! I had a list of 8 items I wanted to make and was hopeful that I could get them all done in one day….and I did, even if my kitchen was crazy messy by the time I was done!

I started the day off by making some Butterscotch Marshmallow Squares – a fave of mine and so simple: Gay Lea Butter, peanut butter, bag of butterscotch chips and a bag of multi coloured marshmallows.


Next I moved onto my Peanut Butter Crispy Square (you can find the recipe here!), some Candy Cane Chocolate Bark and Lemon Drop Cookies.

I always have my faves that I make year after year, but this year I tried making Christmas Toffee for the first time! Which is tricky in some ways, but super easy ingredients: Gay Lea Butter, white sugar and water with melted chocolate on top. I was excited I got to use my candy thermometer that I have had for years for the first time!


Afterwards, I modified the Peanut Butter Kiss cookies that I have made a quite a few times into Peanut Butter Cups, which was a huge hit with the kids!


It’s not Christmas to me without Shortbread Cookies and Gingerbread Cookies – they are a MUST for me! I have a recipe of my Mom’s which I use and have shared with many people for shortbread (you can get it here!), and I always love pulling it out even though it is tattered and stained!


I like to add sprinkles into my dough to give it some colour, and here are the melt-in-your-mouth finished results:


Lastly I made the Gingerbread Cookies and this year instead of shapes, I rolled and flattened into circles….mainly because I was tired of baking all day 😉 but also because then the kids could decorate how they liked!


So after a longgggg day of baking and a very messy kitchen, I had done up all my holiday baking and was happy with the results of all 8 items! Here is a little sampling of what I made:


Most of my recipes call for butter, lots of butter! I went through about 3 full bricks (3lbs) of butter that day I think but who’s counting! 😛

IMG_7432I used Gay Lea salted butter for my baking and did you know that Gay Lea Foods is a co-operative owned by over 1,200 farm families (that’s approximately one quarter of Ontario’s dairy farmers, with 12 production facilities spanning Toronto, Madoc, Mississauga, Guelph, and Teeswater)?

My husband is from a family of famers and former dairy farmers, so this is one of the reasons we love Gay Lea so much!

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