How My Family Helped Be a #Hero4CHEO!

Last week I received an email for an opportunity I couldn’t turn down! I was asked to bring my children down to 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, to partake in a ‘top secret’ photo and video shoot with Canada’s First Lady, Mrs. Laureen Harper. All I knew was:

  1. The time and location
  2. That it was for CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
  3. The kids had to dress up as super heroes
  4. ….and that I was in!

For those of you that don’t know, 24 Sussex Drive is kinda of like The White House for Canada. It is where the Prime Minister and his family reside while he is in office. I had never been there, or met Mrs Harper for that matter, so I was very excited for this opportunity to meet her, go there and help with a CHEO event if I could!

So Monday afternoon, I picked up my daughter from school, and made the trek down town Ottawa. Once we arrived, we had to check in with the RCMP Officers guarding 24 Sussex. Once everyone had arrived, we were greeted by the Prime Minister’s Assistant and ushered onto the property.

It was not until I was there that I understood exactly what we would be doing. They would be filming a short video clip for the #Hero4CHEO campaign, to promote the upcoming CHEO Telethon with Mrs. Harper and Dr. Kellie Leitch from CHEO as well as also being an Ontario MP.

Mrs. Harper arrived, we all got the chance to greet her and the taping began! Here is the final product that was shared for the #Hero4CHEO campaign:

The kids all did amazing! After a few takes and chasing around Mrs. Harper’s assistant, we were all treated to ice cream bars and sandwiches on the front lawn. Not to mention that they were brought out on a silver platter! ; )

It was really an amazing experience, and not one that I am sure many get to have. Mrs. Harper was very nice, not at all like I would have presumed. She was very down to earth and wonderful with the kids and us adults, allowing everyone to get photos and just run around and have fun.

The kids chasing Mrs. Harper's assistant in between takes!

The kids chasing Mrs. Harper’s assistant in between takes!

All the kids with Mrs. Harper and Dr. Leitch when taping wrapped.

All the kids with Mrs. Harper and Dr. Leitch when taping wrapped.

My 2 kidlets enjoying ice cream on the front lawn of 24 Sussex.

My 2 kidlets enjoying ice cream on the front lawn of 24 Sussex.

Taking a photo op myself with the kids and Mrs. Harper.

Taking a photo op myself with the kids and Mrs. Harper.

It is an experience that I am grateful to have, and although my children are too young yet, I am sure one day they will think it is pretty neat too! : )

How You Can Be a #Hero4CHEO

You may have seen the hashtag on Twitter, or people writing about this on Facebook, but basically the #Hero4CHEO campaign is to get word out about ‘liking’, sharing and following CHEO on Facebook and on Twitter. If the CHEO Facebook page gets over 10,000 likes, shares and comments, TD Bank Group has generously agreed to donate $10,000 to the CHEO Foundation!


That money can go a long way toward helping fund research and provide necessary equipment to help CHEO kids and youth be their healthiest.

The CHEO Telethon is this weekend. It starts Saturday June 8th, at 7pm and runs through till 7pm on Sunday June 9th!

To ‘like’, share and follow the CHEO Facebook page, please visit

For more information on the CHEO Telethon, please see their website, which you can find here.

As you may know, CHEO has been a big part of our lives since my son Mason was born with his club foot, and I feel that this is an amazing cause! Funny enough, Dr. Kellie Leitch I found out, works with our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Willis at CHEO, so was nice to talk to her that day about that as well!

I hope you will ‘like’ CHEO’s Facebook Page, and donate to the CHEO Telethon and be a #Hero4CHEO!