My Girl is Growing Up with Justice! (Plus a Giveaway!)

I remember LOVING back to school shopping with my Mom as a kid. We’d drive to the nearest town, head to the big box department store and pick out some outfits, new under-garments , shoes etc. Then on the first day of school, I’d excitedly don the new purchases as I headed off to a new grade!

Now as a parent myself with two kids in elementary school, we’ve always bought new backpacks etc, but since the weather has been so nice the past couple of Septembers, they’ve often gone back to school wearing shorts and summer wear vs needing fall attire. So as the cooler days got closer, I’d order some things online and they’d be happy as fall approached. 

This summer something switched in my now 9 year old daughter. Ava has been getting more and more interested in wanting to choose her own things, instead of me buying for her. She’s also getting more specific about what styles she likes and stores that she wants to shop at. 

One store she’s really taken a liking to over the past 6 months or so is Justice


If you’re a parent or family member of a tween girl and you haven’t heard about Justice yet, just wait, cause I’m sure you will! 😉

Justice is a FUN (I really mean it, it is fun!) store for young girls in the tween/teenie-bopper/teen age range. Their clothes range from size 6 – 20, with tons of selection on style, look, colour, fit and price range. Justice really promotes a loving, independent, strong vibe, promoting every girl’s individuality and strengths. I appreciate this, as you don’t see this in all kids retailers. 

SO! When we started talking back to school at the beginning of August, Ava kept asking me to take her to Justice so that she could pick up some things for this year. Since it is again, quite warm, she didn’t need fall clothes right away, so I decided to wait and avoid the crazed back to school rush, by taking Ava down to our local Justice at Bayshore Shopping Center after school had started, and did just that one evening a couple of days ago. Just her and I, a little girls night. She was sooo excited! 

I really tried to stuff away the OCD part of me that wanted to pick things out for her, and just let her wander around the store at her own will and pick out items that she was drawn to. It was wonderful to see, as a Mom who pretty much up till this point always chose my kids clothes, what she was drawn to, what she liked and why. 



Something else that is new for us, is trying things on. In the past we’ve pretty much always grabbed her size and went to the cash. Ava wanted to try on her outfits and of course, have me take pics of it all! 😉 It is probably actually a good thing we did, because Ava ranged from a size 8 to a size 12 in the different pieces of clothing. 

Plus, it was fun seeing what she picked out! 😉





Not going to lie, I TOTALLY tried on this mint green Eiffel Tower shirt too!! While I was impressed that it fit, Ava really wanted it, and it would be “like, the worst thing everrrrrr if your Mom had the same shirt,” soooo I didn’t get it. 

I like that Justice had every day clothes, to comfy lounge wear, an active line and sleepwear. They also carry a big selection of underwear, sports/training/everyday tween bras, socks, footwear and accessories like purses, wallets, notebooks, stuffies, jewelry and more! And oh the accessories….I don’t know how we didn’t get out of there without bags full!!! 




As you can see, Ava is a big fan of the rainbow poop emojis. *slow blinks…..* While a lot of parents might not have wanted their kids to have a rainbow poop emoji shirt, I know that the youthful innocence may be gone too soon, and it’s fun and bright and cheery, so why not!? 😉 

While I am sure that Ava could have spent my whole paycheck there that night, we had a budget and she chose 10 items: 


Ava came home with the rainbow poop emoji light sweater $17.50, mint green Eiffel Tower light sweater $17.50, black suede-like skirt $32, basic white cami $6, embellished black leggings $22.50, teal and black striped shirt $17.50, some rainbow poop emoji socks – two pair for $6.50, an emoji headband with the letter A on it $7.50, and a Beanie Boo that was on sale for $4.99. 


The thing that I noticed on this shopping trip, was how my daughter is growing up. She’s at the age where she still like Beanie Boo’s and slightly more juvenile prints, but also is getting older, talking about what’s on trend and how she’s seen a certain style online and picking out items that I myself would like. She’s at almost an in between stage of kid moving into tween, and Justice has something for it all. It has a playful side and also more refined items too. 

The night reminded me a lot of back to school shopping with my Mom, and how I like carrying that tradition on with my daughter. I only wish we had such cool stores when I was a kid! 😉

Justice celebrates tweens of all personalities, and you’re sure to find something your tween would love there too! To help you out on your next shopping adventure, Justice wants to give you a $50 gift card!! 

Here’s how to enter to win the $50 Justice Gift Card:

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*Contest is for Canada only, and 1 winner will be chosen on Friday September 16th*

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Justice to share our shopping experience at a Justice location. It just happens that my daughter already LOVED Justice, so I figured “why not!?” The opinions expressed are all me, and my daughter’s love for the rainbow poop emoji is authentic 😉