Lego, Lego Everywhere

Growing up I wasn’t into Lego, to be honest I don’t even really remember my younger brother being into Lego either. I am not sure if it wasn’t as popular in the late 80’s/90’s as it is now, or the phase just skipped over us. So it both surprised me and made me happy that my daughter took an interest in Lego a couple of years ago. Maybe had there been cool (can I say cool!?) sets like there are now, maybe I would have been into it as a kid as well!

IMG_20151229_121233aWhen Ava first started playing with Lego we discovered the line Lego Friends which she took to right away. I love that there is a line that is girl friendly (not that the other Lego isn’t, just that since I have a very girly girl, it suits her perfectly!). At first there didn’t seem to be too many sets, but each year they seem to introduce more and more sets, multiple times per year, and I fear that Ava has a good number of them! ha!

Today is the last week day of the March Break for my kiddo’s. Unfortunately it has been a rainy week and not very good weather to get outside. So Ava had asked me if she could bring all her Lego out onto the kitchen table from her room to play with, so I of course said yes. I was so surprised when I saw exactly how much Lego she has accumulated over the past little while, woah!


Needless to say, it’s like Heartlake City took over my table! 😉 Ava likes to keep all her sets together, versus taking them apart all the time, so I am not too sure how she manages to hide it all in her room ha!

My son is turning 5 tomorrow, and has started to show an interest in Lego as well. He has found a plethora of Lego shows and movies on Netflix which has sparked his interest, and although he has a hard time putting it together still, he enjoys the playing with the finished product. 

This is his mean face holding the Lego Bioncle figure 😉


As I mentioned, Netflix has a quite a few Lego shows:

I think both my kids have watched their favourite ones multiple times, so it was nice to hear that Netflix released some new episodes of Lego Friends and Lego Bionicle just in time for the rainy March Break that we had! 

Here is a little music video showing the new Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship

I am a fan of Lego for my kids as it involves creativity, following instructions, focus all mixed in with play! What are your thoughts on Lego?

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and because of that do get some perks along the way from Netflix. However, like always, the opinions expressed are my own.