At Long Last, My Kitchen Reno – Before and After!

It seems like it has been years since I’ve been saying that I wanted to re-do my kitchen and dining room, but time, budget or the push was never really there. In the fall of 2013 we listed our house for sale on the market and then I had said that if it didn’t sell in 3 months that I was going to re-do my kitchen. Well 3 months became 10 and we finally took our house off the market and I was determined that if we weren’t moving, I was going to re-do the kitchen.

For me that meant a facelift, not tearing down walls and major construction, but trying to update the kitchen. As much as I would have loved to get new cupboards or paint them, the budget was really not there, and to be completely honest, didn’t want to tackle painting them. So at the end of June, I started the process thinking that it would be done by the end of July…at the latest. Boy was I wrong!

Here is the before of our kitchen. Dark hunter/forest green on the walls and natural wood trim.

The Kitchen right after we moved in in 2005

The Kitchen right after we moved in in 2005

904582_6 904582_5

So our first steps were painting. I wanted to use the same colour that I had used when I repainted our upstairs living room in 2013, and carry on the black/grey/white/red colour scheme upstairs. We painted all the kitchen, dining room, upstairs hallway, the walls leading down to the basement, the trim, doors and ceiling. That took about a whole weekend – there was a lot of area to cover. I love the CIL Paint & Primer in One. Even with this dark green, it only took two coats of the Grey (CIL Veil) to cover thankfully!

Now that painting was done, I figured that we would be able to go and pick out counters and tile and we’d be set. However, unlike buying paint, I wanted my husband’s opinion on the counter and tile and since I was going to need help to install it, waited on him. And waited I did. We didn’t buy it until September. 🙁 Then we had to wait for the counters to be installed.

So FINALLY on October 16th, the counters came, and that weekend we set out to do the tile.





Tiling = nightmare. Putting the tiles up on the wall was easy enough. It took my husband and I under two hours to get it all cut and up on the walls. Then we had to wait to grout. The Wednesday night after, I decided to go ahead and grout. It was a disaster! When I read the instructions, it said to:

  1. Apply grout to wall
  2. Wait 10-20 minutes and go over with damp sponge to remove excess

So, I followed those instructions. Except, when I went to go over with a damp sponge, the area that I started with had already began hardening and the grout was stuck on the tile. Soooo, long story short, it ended up taking about 2 hours longer than it should have to just wipe off the excess. It involved my husband and I using razor blades, loofahs, pot scrubbers and anything else we could think of to get the dried grout off the tiles. Thankfully it was over the area behind the stove where it is not as noticeable that it is not perfect. But man, what a mess!

So when we finished we had:

  • newly painted walls
  • newly painted ceiling
  • newly painted trim
  • new counter that was extended to make bar stool seating
  • removal of fan on back side of peninsula
  • new cabinet handles
  • new faucet
  • new fan over the stove
  • addition of tile backsplash
  • new curtains and decor accessories

Here are some pictures of our final kitchen/dining room renovations!











Phew! It has seemed like a long time in the making but glad it is done! Ok, well mostly done. 😉 I still want to get new light fixtures and I think I want to try repainting the cabinets…sometime. Not anytime soon either! Now that the counter and tile is up, I think a white or off white cabinet colour would be really nice and make things to bright.

I don’t have an exact total for the cost of this reno. But my guess would be around $2500 or so. The counter top was $1400, tiles and all that went with that was about $350. Paint and accessories about $175. Stools, decor, handles etc probably another $300-$350. I really should have kept track of all my receipts but didn’t since it was spread out over a few months, and items were purchased at a variety of stores: mostly Home Depot, Walmart and Ikea.

So for now, it is done, and boy am I ever glad it is! 😉