How Netflix Encourages Reading

I have always enjoyed reading and was glad that in turn, my daughter also picked up the love for books too! We always had books around her right from birth and read every night at bedtime. She has always had books in her room and she will often grab for a book when bored vs tech or TV.

A couple of years ago my Dad and Step-Mother bought her a Thea Stilton book as a Christmas present and she took right to it. That was all she wanted to read, thankfully there are many, many in that series that she has gotten, but towards the end of last summer she was kind of out growing them and she didn’t know what she wanted to read next. 

I love Chapters and so one day Ava and I ended up there and said, let’s go look through allll the tween books and she happened across one by R.L. Stine that she picked up. After liking it, I told her about a series by him that I used to read as a kid called Goosebumps and how she may like those too. She knew of it from seeing an episode on Netflix and found one of the books at the school library and took right to it. 

Miraculously enough, my friend Erin had a stash of the original Goosebumps books from our era (omg, did I just say our era!? HOW OLD AM I!!!??) and she lent them to Ava to read. Ava then began trying to find those episodes on Netflix and vice versa. 

For instance, she found Night of the Living Dummy on Netflix, so wanted to buy that book to read before watching. Also, she just finished reading Welcome to Camp Nightmare and then started watching the Netflix version before school this morning. She now has a list of the Goosebump books she has on queue to read that she wants to watch and a list of episodes that she wants to find the book to match. 

Same can be said for some of the movies she’s found on Netflix like The BFG – they read this book in class and now in movie format, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day is another book to movie. There are soooo many!

My son is finding similarities too, books he has of Paw Patrol are episodes he’s since found, or books and sets of Lego Ninjago he has found in episode form on Netflix (currently his FAVE show to watch on there!). 

So while yes, my kids enjoy sitting down and watching Netflix, it is nice to know that the shows they are watching encourages them to read too, and vice versa. I am still very much pro books you pick up and flip the page vs apps or e-readers, and while I may be old school in that respect, I am happy to be passing it down to the kids and finding a connection between tech and books for them!

How about you? What are your kids reading or watching currently!?

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and because of that do get some perks along the way from Netflix. However, like always, the opinions expressed are my own.