Product Review: Puddle Jumpers

In the summer of 2012 a friend offered an unknown swimming device to me for my, at the time, not quite 4 year old daughter. Instead of swimming in a life jacket or arm floaties, the Puddle Jumper combined the best of both those devices for helping a child learn to swim!puddle-jumper-300x300The Puddle Jumper concept is: arm floaties attached to a section of fabric covered foam that goes across the child’s chest. You attach it around the child by an adjustable strap and single clasp closure. It is easy on and easy off without having the bulkiness of a life jacket when trying to swim, and without the hassle of having to blow up or deflate arm floaties constantly.

The Puddle Jumper gives the child the freedom to swim independently, while the stability of their head above water and helping them keep a float. My daughter took to this immediately! She loved to swim, but was not confident on her own, and the arm floaties were not quite enough for her at the time. She used it all that summer (age of 4) and the next summer to (ages 5), and was able to swim about by herself, without our help and was loving the water until she was able to swim by herself!


We’ve since bought one for our son, and he used it all last summer. We bought our Puddle Jumpers at Canadian Tire. They retail for $24.99 (and there is a 3D version that retails for $29.99) and come in a multitude of colours and patterns for both boys and girls alike. The weight restrictions are outlined for children 30-50lbs. You can view it on the Canadian Tire Website.

2014-07-19 18.16.05

I would highly recommend the Puddle Jumpers to anyone looking for a great swimming aid for their child. *You cannot expect that this device will teach your child how to swim on their own, nor can this be treated as a life saving device in replacement of a life jacket.* But with proper instruction and adult supervision, the Puddle Jumper not only builds confidence in their swimming abilities, but allows them to learn the motions of swimming while having fun. Definitely a thumbs up in this household!

*Re-released as an updated post from 2012. This is not sponsored, just a product our family loves! 🙂 *