Retro Netflix Family Movie Night

The past few weeks our weekend have been a mix of being at the local ski hill watching the kids fall in love with skiing, being outside here at home and snuggling on the couch reading or watching movies on Netflix. Where the only form of “Netflix & Chill” is the very literal version, of actually chilling, on the couch, pooped from being outside. 

The kids were happy to see the addition of The Jungle Book (live, action version) and Big Hero 6, but I have to say, I was kinda excited at the movies that were recently added there from MY youth! I am dating myself and I don’t care! Family movies from the ’80’s and ’90’s that I can now watch with the kids!

So if it’s been a bit since you’ve perused (I sooo love that word!) Netflix, some of the retro movies I’m talk about are ones like:

Harry and the Henderson’s – my brother had a stuffed Harry when we were kids! As you can see by this pic (sorry Cor! haha)

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial  – this is the first movie that I remember ever crying to. I was at my next door neighbors house watching with my friend, and I remember feeling embarrassed that I was crying. Turns out it was the first of many, many movies that I would cry at! 😉

Back to the Future – this is a classic, but also one from my youth that I know my son would love

Jurassic Park – ok, while this is often on TV marathons a lot, I really like these movies. I remember when these came out, it was like nothing we’d seen before with the CGI and how life like it was. 

The Flagstones – the live action version. Having grown up watching the cartoon, seeing how they would bring Fred & Wilma to life was fun to see!

Jumanji – this movie scared the HECK out of me when I first watched it. I don’t know why, as it wasn’t meant to be a scary movie, but holy!

Other retro titles include He-Man, She-Ra, The Land Before Time, Beethoven, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, The Adventure’s in Babysitting, Jem…sooo many good ones!

So while there are still newer releases on Netflix that they want to watch, it is nice to be able to go back in time a bit and watch some of the retro movies and shows on there too! 

What ‘retro’ movies/shows would you love to see/watch on Netflix?

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and because of that do get some perks along the way from Netflix. However, like always, the opinions expressed are my own.