Spring Clean Your Netflix Accounts

When we first got Netflix, we used a device which doesn’t let us switch between our Netflix accounts. Now we still use that, but we also have other ways of watching, so we are able to switch between accounts. BUT the problem is that the accounts are so messy! I have kids programs on mine, and our main family account is hard to decipher if it is a 6 year old or 30 year old watching! On my account, I have Paw Patrol and Goosebumps, but I don’t watch that! I want recommendations on things I actually might like in my rare, kid free moments! 😉

So thank the heavens, there is now a way to clean up Netflix accounts! Hooray!

Here’s how the new thumbs design may come in handy for your family:

  • Your kids spent a rainy afternoon watching Netflix and now all your recommendations are cartoons – a simple thumbs down ensures the cartoons stay on their profile and off yours.
  • Your partner has been on a binge and now your Netflix profile is unrecognizable – set up their own profiles + thumb ratings will make sure everyone’s Netflix experience is personalized and stays that way!
  • You just discovered Santa Clarita Diet and want more shows similar to it – a thumbs up will ensure you’re recommended similar titles.

What is the thumbs rating system?

Instead of the star rating that you might be used to, there is not a thumb! So it’s simple – Thumbs up for YES. Thumbs down for NO. So give those shows you liked a thumbs up, and Netflix will tailor their recommendations to more that are like that. 

If you give a thumbs down, they won’t  show similar movies or shows. Capiche? The more you rate thumbs up or down, the better suited your Netflix account will be for you! Or whichever account it is that you are cleaning up! The big thing, is keeping others in their own accounts, and OUT of yours! 😉

With personalized profiles for your family you’ll spend less time scrolling through shows that aren’t yours and more time enjoying ones you want to watch, yay! 

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and because of that do get some perks along the way from Netflix. However, like always, the opinions expressed are my own.